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Your companion in nature

Unbelievable beauty, overwhelming variety. A huge assortment of colours, smells, shapes and structures.
Nature. To experience nature with all senses also means to be attentive and watchful.
BARIGO Instruments are the companions that provide the respectful friend of the outdoors with all the information needed for their exciting outdoor activity.

Our BARIGO Penta

Noble. Steel. And a lot more information at your hand.

Do you wish for a watch that looks particularly good? Or  that not only captures time, but also the current zeitgeist perfectly? Or does the watch need to be as versatile as the owner?  The multi functional watch is high-quality, simply beautiful, simply versatile. And, for a lot of connoisseurs, the best you can get in this watch category.

Altimeter, compass, weather forecast, time, temperature.
New interpretation coming Spring 2023


Verschiedene Ziffernblätter

In schwarz, braun und beige erhältlich.

Verschiedene Armbänder

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Barigo shows you the way

We know how important it is to keep the right orientation.
With the BARIGO compass model 12 you will always be on the right track!

Our Barigo Outdoor Instruments