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Somehow it just belongs in a cosy home: The weather station, the combination of Baro-, Hygro- and Thermometer forms our reliable connection to nature outside. Through precise measurement of the important characteristic values air pressure, humidity and temperature it can indicate upcoming changes in weather conditions. Due to a big variety in design and materials, a weather station fitting every furnishing style can be found in our BARIGO Living catalogue.

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The correct storage of precious tea, cigars or wine calls for control of temperature and humidity, ideally a combination of air condition and indicating instruments located at the place of storage. Humidors for tea or cigars, equipped with instruments made by BARIGO, do meet these requirements and show temperature and humidity levels reliably.

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A good example for a cooperation with professional companies is the use of hygrometers and thermometers inside Tea Humidors from Lotusier headquartered in London: The Lotusier Tea Humidor elevates the preservation and presentation of tea to a new level of functionality and refinement.

The Tea Humidor effectively protects tea from four of its five major enemies: humidity, light, air, and odour. The fifth enemy is heat, which can easily be regulated by controlling the temperature setting in the room or place in which the Tea Humidor is situated.

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They somehow seem to belong in a homely atmosphere: meteorological stations with their combination of barometer, hygrometer and thermometer are a reliable link to the world of nature outside. With precise measurements of the important parameters atmospheric pressure, humidity and temperature they indicate pending changes in the weather. Thanks to a wide variety of designs and shapes, the BARIGO Living range has the perfect meteorological station for every style of furnishing.

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