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on the high sea

Tradition at state of the art technological level can be found in the varied selection of marine instruments for high-standard boat and yacht owners. BARIGO Instruments stand for style and functionality at the highest level: Whether traditional brass or smooth chrome, mechanical or modern electronic: Every single instrument, whether hygrometer, barometer, thermometer or ships bell clock, is manufactured in traditional Black Forest watchmaker quality.

Maritime Decoration

Modern interpretation of
traditional instruments

A lot of traditional providers work with polished or chrome-plated brass classical style instruments: Broad-rimmed casings with screwed fixtures, classic dials in the style of past centuries. BARIGO´s assortment not only includes the classics but also instruments in a modern design with polished or mat stainless steel casings, simple and easy to read dials in the traditional Bauhaus style, fiting to modern interiors of yachts, offices and homes.

Barigo modern marine instruments

High-precision instruments
in a classic design

BARIGO offers a wide range of barometers, clocks, thermo-hygrometers and barographs in a traditional design. Cases are made of solid brass, polished and lacquered or chrome plated. Some of these may be opened from the front to adjust the barometer, the clock hands or – if you own a battery driven quartz clock – to exchange the battery from time to time. These cases typically have a closing element on the side, as can be seen on our line 586/587, for example.

BARIGO registering devices

Located inside the brass drum of the mechanical barograph is a quartz clockwork that rotates the drum over the span of one week. A fiber pen fixed to the tip of the writing arm records differences in airpressure on the chart paper. The air pressure and its changes are measured by four stacked pressure sockets and precisely transferred onto the paper by mechanical links.

Barigo Barograph 2018